Upgrade of Kigali International Airport

The Government of Rwanda through its aviation arm, Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) has embarked on a number of infrastructure projects to address short and long term capacity issues in order to comfortably contain the current and projected future increase in traffic.

It’s almost fifteen months ago that the Government of Rwanda through its aviation arm, Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority, started the state of the art $17.8m upgrade of Kigali International Airport was started. With travelers’ numbers having doubled since five years ago to the current 600, 000, the facility which is almost complete will be able to handle three times more.

In line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS), RCAA hired the expert construction services of ROKO ltd to expand the landside and terminal area.

The intentions included reducing congestion at the check in and arrival areas, expand departure lounge area, increase VIP comfort, enhance baggage handling efficiency, ease travelers’ movements within the terminal area, install facilities for people with special needs and increase the number of duty free outlets and the expanded shopping experience.

With a huge percentage of the KIA upgrade complete, it is evident that major objectives have been achieved.
Another conveyor belt was added to make three thus intensified baggage handling efficiency and considerably reduced on the previous time travelers spent waiting. Also, three lifts and two escalators are operational and already easing movement for people with special needs, old aged and expectant mothers. Check in desks have been doubled to 16 thus cutting back on long queues as well as increasing immigration counters both at departures and arrivals to expedite the flow of passengers and avoid congestion in the terminal area. Departure lounge where passengers spend most of the waiting time has been expanded with natural lighting effect to give the passengers enhanced comfort.

The duty free area has been expanded and more duty free companies with international exposure are yet to provide the required variety of commodities to meet passengers’ expectations.

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